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Barry C. Douglas, Carlo Oggioni and Felipe Devoto all have a very individualised take on the things they see, with themes that focus on the uneasy and distract from the norm.

Using the medium of film photography Felipe’s grainy and grungy black-and-white images offer a dreamlike portrayal of life in Argentina;  Carlos, also using film, shows a series of the bustling world of Melbourne public transport, which he describes as a visual essay about commuting... the mundane, solitary and robotic exercise we face perpetually in our everyday society.
Barry C. Douglas is the only photographer in this exhibition who has solely used digital means in his collection. Barry’s work is about standing back and observing his environment and not letting himself be a factor in its outcome; a snapshot of someone else’s moment.  In contrast to the work of both Felipe and Carlo, Barry’s photographs include both colour and black and white.

An Inconsistent Look opens to the public on Thursday, April 6 from 6 pm
by Dr David Nichols, Senior Lecturer in Urban Planning, at the University of Melbourne, Author of Trendyville - The Battle for Australia's Inner Cities.

Earlier Event: March 2
Later Event: May 4
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