fine Art Printing


Through PHOTONET Fine Art Printing, MAGNET offers a high-quality, personal service that involves you through all stages of the printing process, from image provision, paper selection, pre-print preparation with us at the computer, printing, finishing, and delivery.

We have 48 years of experience across all forms of photographic printing. We print anything, from one-offs to large-scale exhibitions, and our work has been seen in local and international galleries, including the Ballarat International Foto Biennale.

If you'd like more information about any aspect of our fine art printing service, please visit us at our Bourke St location. Alternatively, feel free to email or call.

We love printing and will do everything possible to make sure you get the highest-quality, most faithful reproduction of your digital images.



We can print to traditional paper stock, exotic papers, and other surfaces, like high-gloss film, canvas, and repositionable adhesive textile.

Traditional Paper Stock

We offer a range of traditional, archival quality papers that include:

  • Sihl Satin Baryta - German-made, extra-smooth satin sheen paper, indistinguishable from traditional baryta papers.
  • Museo Max - Lightly-textured matte 100% cotton rag fine art paper.
  • Inkjet Pro Elite - French-made, lightly-textured matte watercolour-style paper.

These papers are supplied by Giclée Media Supplies.

Exotic Paper Stock

We specialize in printing on an extensive range of beautiful "Japanese Washi" and other exotic papers from many parts of the world.  These papers offer a different look to prints on western paper and we have a full range, including heavily textured, very thin, and slight sheen papers.

We are the exclusive suppliers of these papers in this part of the world.

We recommend that you come in and examine these special papers for yourself, but feel free to email or call us for more information.


Brazilian Banana Paper


Other Surfaces

  • High-Gloss Film - Archival, waterproof film-like medium for maximum clarity and definition.
  • Canvas - 4th-generation 430gsm highly flexible canvas with brilliant neutral white surface and US-made acid free archival base.
  • Repositionable Adhesive Textile - A recent addition is this versatile, non-archival polyester, printing surface, easily removed from walls and other surfaces and very durable. This material is ideal for posters (perfect for rented accommodation), pop-up and mobile exhibitions, as well as notices, signage, etc.

We can also print on vinyl, backlit film, for signage, and to lightboxes as per your particular application.



We can organise framing, mounting to board or aluminium panel and top-quality canvas stretching, or make recommendations. We hire frames for exhibitions both at MAGNET and elsewhere.

Email or call us for more information.


Colour Management

Our colour management system ensures the most faithful reproduction possible, using calibrated EIZO monitors and accurate printer profiles for every material we print on.We will do test prints to ensure you are happy with the result.



This is our current price list for both roll printing and sheet printing:

  • All prices include GST
  • Pricing, description and availability are subject to change without notice

Note that roll printing (on all surfaces) can either be a single print or multiple prints laid out on a length of roll (cheaper than sheet prints). 

Standard Roll Printing

Roll Printing $275 Per Square Metre at 44" (110cm) Wide

  • 110cm wide x 50cm - $137.50
  • 110cm wide x 75cm - $206.25
  • 110cm wide x 100cm - $275.00

Roll Printing $275 Per Square Metre at 24" (60cm) Wide

  • 60cm wide x 50cm - $85.00
  • 60cm wide x 75cm - $127.50
  • 60cm wide x 100cm - $170.00

Roll Printing $275 Per Square Metre at 17" (43cm) Wide

  • 43cm wide x 50cm - $60
  • 43cm wide x 75cm - $90
  • 43cm wide x 100cm - $120

60" (150cm) width roll printing

Available off-site; email or call us for details and prices.

Sheet Printing (All Cotton Rag Papers)


  • Single - $20 per print
  • 2 to 5 prints of the same image - $18 per print
  • 6+ prints of the same image - $15 per print


  • Single - $40 per print
  • 2 to 5 prints of the same image - $37 per print
  • 6+ prints of the same image - $35 per print

Sheet Printing (Exotic Papers)

  • Small - $75 per print
  • Medium - $110 per print
  • Large - $150 per print

Image delivery

We accept images using the following alternatives:

  • Our dropbox account
  • USB Thumb Drive
  • USB Portable Hard Drive
  • DVD/CD

Please contact us for more details about these options, including dropbox account details.