We rely on your support to keep MAGNET running.  

Become a MAGNET Friend and share in the fun of keeping the only dedicated space for photographers and photography-lovers in the CBD open and growing.

MAGNET Friends receive a 10% DISCOUNT on:

  • Sales of books and merchandise
  • Archival fine art photographic printing
  • Hand-made papers including Japanese Washi papers
  • X-Rite calibration system
  • Seminar and class fees
  • All paid-for exhibitions and events

And that’s just for starters!  More advantages coming along soon...

Simply present your membership card to receive your discount.

Yearly Membership - Full

(Includes $4 Postage and Handling Fee)

Yearly Membership - Concession

(Includes $4 Postage and Handling Fee)

Requires either a current student card or valid concession card (Centrelink/Healthcare/Pension/Veterans Affairs).



MAGNET is a new not-for-profit social enterprise for photographers and photography-lovers.

MAGNET needs your help to continue to grow and provide world-class photography exhibitions, classes and seminars, printing, and other services.