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Good photography excites our senses, challenges our perceptions, and helps us better consider our world.
MAGNET GALLERIES MELBOURNE is a social enterprise drawing together people with an interest in and passion for photography, to share their knowledge, experience and aspirations. We believe in opportunities that allow our community to gain new insights and continue developing expertise.


MAGNET Galleries Melbourne is not-for-profit and registered charity. Our core purpose is to preserve and celebrate Australian and world photography, encouraging excellence among established and emerging photographers. We seek to expand the horizons of local photographers by developing collaborations with local and international photographic institutions. We connect with other organisations to fundraise for various causes.


MAGNET Galleries Melbourne is located at The District, Docklands in Melbourne, Australia. We hold exhibitions (both virtual and physical) throughout the year, Our gallery includes a library and bookshop – coffee is available for library browsers! We also host classes and seminars. Our gallery and exhibition spaces are available for hire.


Through our commercial partner, Photonet, we also provide fine art printing services, advice and support for established and emerging photographers. For all your bespoke printing and scanning needs, Photonet has the right solutions for you. Our dynamic partnership enhances the level of service that MAGNET Galleries Melbourne provides to our clients. Together with Photonet, we are able to call upon 40+ years of experience, exhibiting unrivaled quality and finishing for all your photography needs.


As a Social Enterprise for Photography, MAGNET Galleries Melbourne also looks beyond photography. Our inspiring exhibition space provides a venue for poetry reading, lectures, book launches and recitals. Our aim is to create a vibrant, accessible and imaginative environment that fosters creativity.



We partner with PHOTONET (located at Magnet Galleries Melbourne) to provide fine art printing services, advice and support for established and emerging photographers. We provide a tailored and personalised service to all clients. We understand the unique needs of individual clients, ensuring the highest-quality, most faithful reproduction of digital images. We print on traditional paper stock, exotic papers, as well as other surfaces such as canvas, and repositionable adhesive textile.

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At PHOTONET (located at Magnet Galleries Melbourne) we help photographers and artists with superior scanning and archiving facilities. We scan film, transparencies prints and artworks of all sizes. Our main scanners are the remarkable Durst Sigma scanner and the Microtek Artix 3200XL A3 scanner. We are inspired to continue helping photographers and artists with superior archiving facilities.
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